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We have attached a downloadable copy of our company profile in ebook form. Please view the ebook and share with others who may want to donate or volunteer. Help us help our youth achieve their goals and dare to dream.

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There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have helped lay a foundation on which our youth can become productive citizens while simultaneously promoting kindness, developing skills and improving human quality of life.

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Our Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to inspire young men and ladies to pursue not only successful lives, but lives of value, purpose and service. To that end, we want to provide equitable access to leadership development opportunities and resources through engaging….

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Whether you are a disenfranchised youth, someone looking to help mentor a young person or a volunteer wanting to help with events and projects, MOVE-LOVE wants to welcome all to join our all-inclusive movement to leave this world better off for future generations.

Donation Needed

When we donate to a charitable organization, we help make the difference we’re unable to provide with our own hands. Consequently, social impact organizations don’t just work to achieve their mission—they also empower individuals to effect change. They mobilize people to play a part in making the world a better place. Please help us to continue to make that change.


One of the most effective ways to help realize a more sustainable future for all of us is if we all help each other. We know what the problems are so when we all get involved, the solutions don’t seem as hard as when we stand alone.

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Our Causes


Education helps people become better citizens, get better paying jobs and shows the differences between good and bad. Education also shows us the importance of hard work and at the same time, helps us grow and develop, thus, we are able to shape a better society to live in by knowing and respecting rights, laws, and regulations. Move-Love utilizes 6 E’s to help transition boys and girls to ladies and men. One of the six E’s is, of course, education. Thru education we can excel with the other 5 E’s, which are; Etiquette, Entrepreneurship, Employment, Economics and Empowerment.


Move-Love sponsors a yearly food and clothing drive called “Project Neighborly Needs which is the brain-child of Move board member Sulaiman Salaam.” This initiative has been servicing the community for almost 2 decades but was derailed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Our organization would not only like to continue support of the drive but our goal is to help make it even bigger and better in the future. We would like to eventually be able to serve communities with more clothing and food drives partnering with other organizations to make sure that we can serve as many people as possible.


It is estimated that 17.4 million households are or were lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food in 2020. This is known as food insecurity. One wouldn’t think that in a country with the resources that we have that this would be possible but here we are. Next question is, “what are we going to do about it?” No one has all the answers but to coin a phrase, we do know that “it takes a village,” meaning each and every one of us should try and do our part to make sure that we all are cared for. When we come together, we have seen great outcomes and we must continue to work together to end hunger and homelessness. Move-Love will continue to work towards this goal of bringing communities together for these common goals.

MOVE-LOVE/RNDK partnership:

RNDK is a platform created by power couple Ricky & Dawn Kidd; designed to empower, encourage and enlighten individuals to be their best selves. Ricky wrongfully convicted and finally freed after 23 years; Dawn a survivor of child hunger and adult sexual assault, their stories are their own but not unique to just themselves. Their ability to connect with young or old, white or black, wealthy or poor has been felt everywhere they travel. “It was only natural that we aligned ourselves with Move & Love,” says Ricky. “ Our pillars are of the same and the positive impact we can create being on the same team is unlimited.” To learn more about this husband and wife team’s vision and community impact click the link below.


Our Upcoming Events

Empowerment Workshop

In 2021 MOVE-LOVE will be our first virtual male and female “Empowerment Workshop.” We will go into detail about the principles of the 6 E’s. This workshop will be headed up by RNDK tentatively scheduled for late January or early February.

Youth Empowerment Workshop

A Move & Love Organization Event, Presented & Hosted By RNDK! Free Admission!  We are here to empower the youth, one person at a time. The I AM ME Workshop focuses on one of the six E’s, EMPOWERMENT! We will take a closer look at “WHO ARE YOU” & “WHO YOU ARE NOT”. We will begin to define Who You Are, How You Can Unlock Your Purpose & Share Steps Towards Becoming A Better You! Timing  11AM.

Our Blogs



MOVE-LOVE on the radio

MOVE-LOVE does radio spots which can be listened to all over the country by pc/internet. We will post upcoming spots so that you can tune in.

MOVE-LOVE, D.L. Hughley and Benjamin Banneker watches

MOVE-LOVE honors D.L. Hughley. Supports Benjamin Banneker.


MOVE-LOVE youth with the Kansas City Chiefs

MOVE-LOVE youth visits the Kansas City Chiefs at a youth football training camp.

“Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.
We can’t be kind, true, merciful,
generous, or honest.”
– Maya Angelou

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Use Promotion Code:

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Get 10% off your entire purchase when you use the promotion code MOVE.

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