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Our staff is a group of member/volunteers that are dedicated to uplifting the human community through utilizing the 6 E’s. We would like to transform lives through positive social interaction leading to dignified employment and entrepreneurship.

Murad A. Baheyadeen

MOVE President

DeJuana M. Lee

LOVE President

LaToya Harris

Vice President/Board Member – LOVE

Derrick Cook

MOVE Vice President 

Janae LaMaster

Event Coordinator/Board Member – LOVE 

Tammicole Benefield

Director/Board Member – LOVE

Susan Barthol-Turner

Outreach Specialist MOVE-LOVE

Majeeda Baheyadeen

Advisory Board Member MOVE-LOVE

Aasim Baheyadeen


Advisory Board Member/Mentor MOVE-LOVE

Carl Boyd

Board Member MOVE-LOVE

Sulaiman Salaam Jr

Board Member MOVE-LOVE

Anson Wallace

Philanthropist MOVE-LOVE

Camille Moten

Educational Consultant MOVE-LOVE

Denard Foreman

Assistant Event Coordinator MOVE-LOVE

David Korte

Videographer MOVE-LOVE

Ricky and Dawn Kidd

MOVE-LOVE/RNDK Program Development.

Sulaiman Salaam III

Event Coordinator/Entertainment MOVE-LOVE

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Use Promotion Code:

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Get 10% off your entire purchase when you use the promotion code MOVE.

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